Sabrina Simoni (Italy)

M° Sabrina Simoni, musician, teacher and choir conductor of national and international renown,  was born in Bologna, where she began her academic career gaining a degree in Piano, and subsequently moving to Ferrara to undertake a degree in Conducting and Choral music, and, also in Ferrara, a degree in Composition.

Since 1995, she has been conductor and artistic director of the Piccolo Coro “Mariele Ventre dell’Antoniano” in Bologna, as well as artistic director and vocal and choral director for the Zecchino D’Oro Festival organized and produced by Antoniano and RAI 1.

Since 1995, she has also been a member of the selection panel for the songs for the “Lo Zecchino d’Oro” competition, also helping to choose the performers. 

As permanent conductor of the Piccolo Coro “Mariele Ventre” dell’Antoniano, she is responsible for teaching and artistic formation. She is also music tutor and manager for the singers taking part in the “Zecchino D’Oro” Festival.

As Conductor of the Piccolo Coro, she has been involved in numerous recordings and television shows and has conducted over 500 concerts both in Italy and around the world, as well as conducting for television shows such as the Zecchino D’Oro, and other events with high media impact (Sanremo 2017, Sanremo 2018, Concerts in Sala Nervi, in the presence of the Pope, and in the Quirinale in the presence of 3 Presidents of the Republic, Scalfaro, Ciampi and Mattarella).  She has conducted numerous international concerts with the Piccolo Coro “Mariele Ventre”, both in Europe and Asia (from 2015 to 2018) including a Tour of China, conducting 32 concerts in cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Nanking. 

In 2011she co-founded the Project Forme Sonore with M° Siro Merlo, today “FORME SONORE” A.P.S. (www.formesonore.com), which aims to promote social and cultural activities through art and music, with the help and collaboration of educators, teachers and artists.

She has initiated numerous projects all over Italy, dedicated in particular to the education of primary and pre-school children (the “music as play” method by Forme Sonore), and has designed  education and teaching courses for teachers and children. 

Her research into materials, courses and methodology were behind the publication of:

“Favole incanto” (first vocal experiences for children aged  3 to 7) (2003) ”La tastiera incantata” (an approach to keyboards for pre-school children) for Universal-Ricordi (2003)

“Moltiplicanto” (a musical tale, for teaching music in schools) for Azzurra music (2014)

For Pearson publishing,  (2018) “Esprimo in Canto e in Musica” (music teaching, for school teachers)


In 2017 awarded the “Santa Caterina d’oro” Prize for her work

In 2018 awarded the “Giulietta” Prize, for women who have distinguished themselves in their careers

Awarded the “Tina Anselmi” Prize, for women who have made and continue to make significant contributions in different fields

In 2019 awarded the “Torre D’argento” Prize for Culture-Journalism-Television

In 2019 given the title of “Honorary Member” of the Italian Association of Paediatricians