Carmelo Chillemi

Carmelo Chillemi born in Messina. He is a Sicilian composer who followed in his family’s footsteps, studying Piano, Composition, and Orchestration for Bands under his father, Salvatore Chillemi (who was in turn a student of the famous music teachers G. Contilli and G. Pennacchio), and graduating from the “G. Rossini” Music Conservatoire in Pesaro.  

He completed his musical preparation by studying Choral music and Choir conducting at the “N. Piccinni” Conservatoire in Bari.  

From 1988 to 2001 he taught in the Music Conservatoires in V. Valentia, Messina, Reggio Calabria, Cosenza and Palermo. 

After success in the exam organized by the Ministry for Education, University and Research, since 2001/2, he has been full professor at the “A. Corelli” Music Conservatoire in Messina where he teaches Composition, and since 2004 he has also taught Composition, Jazz and Technological music in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.  He has helped many students to gain their Postgraduate Degrees in Composition, Composition and Choir Conducting, Composition and Conducting for Woodwind Orchestras.

He has been appointed Government Commissioner for the Higher Music Institutes by the Ministry of Education, and from 2005 to 2012 he was a member of the Academic Council, being re-elected also for the period 2015/17.  In 2010 he was made Deputy Director of the Conservatoire.  

He has performed both as a soloist and as a duo, and has conducted both choirs and Jazz Orchestras, always with great critical acclaim from both audiences and critics.

He has been invited to participate in Conferences, Concerts and Festival of Contemporary Music where his works have been performed; he has also composed specifically for Italian and European concert performers.  

He has won several First Prizes at National Competitions for Composers, and has always enjoyed composing specifically for Woodwind Orchestras.  Among his works we can find Sicilian Songs (Ed. WICKY) which he composed for the Woodwind Orchestra of the Messina Conservatoire, and which was performed during the 2003/4 concert season of the A. R. “A. Filarmonica” and “V. Bellini” in Messina.  This work inspired a version for double Saxophone quartet, which was performed by the “Arcadia” and “Quatuor Québécois Nelligan” Quartets during the “Montreal Italian week” in Canada on 11th August 2007.

He has also participated as a member of the judging panel in national competitions for Piano, Chamber Music and Composition.

The catalogue of his works contains compositions published by the music publishers: WICKY and RUGGINENTI in Milan, BERBEN in Ancona, ARTEMIDE in Naples.